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I've just realized Summer is slowly coming to an end and I haven't updated my blog in quite awhile!  Shame on me!  I guess I have just been so busy in this crazy market that I just haven't had time.  Yeaaa, that's it!  It's my story and I'm sticking to it!   It really has been a crazy 8 months.  Interest rates remain low and our inventory was low as well.  It seemed we no sooner listed a new property and there would be 2 or 3 offers on it before we turned around.  We have reached a sort of lull in the action the past couple weeks.  I believe everyone is getting ready for school, last minute vacations with the family and the end of summer all contribute to this lull.  I am convinced the market will pick back up again in fall and be just as crazy as it was in June & July.  We survived the Strawberry Festival and the fourth of July (all really big events on Vashon) Next up are the Dog/Sheep trials at Misty Isles. Then the famous VIPP ball will take place in September.  This is VIPP's (Vashon Island Pet Protectors) big fundraiser for the year.  Last year was my first experience as I volunteered to do what ever they needed me to do!  I had a blast and I will definitely volunteer again this year.  The costumes were outrageous!  Plus you can bid on some really amazing art pieces.   After the VIPP ball we will be gearing up for our infamous Halloween haunted house at Windermere.  Since we have the new, bigger building, we are sure to come up with some spooktacular ideas!  More to come on that front.  But let's not rush this.  Summer isn't over yet, still plenty of nice days to come over to Vashon and spend the day exploring trails, beachcombing, kayaking around Quartermaster Harbor, or just walking the town and chatting with some locals.  Oh, and don't forget to stop in at Windermere and see our new digs and say hello to yours truly! 😉

Posted on August 19, 2014 at 3:30 pm
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