Summer on Vashon

The weather this past week has prompted me to remind people what makes Vashon so special.  Answer= SUMMER!  Okay, that's not the only reason, but trust me, it's a darn good one!  First of all, there are the Parks & Trails.  Spend a day walking through Island Center Forest of 370 acres, or Maury Island Park with 300 acres of trails and shoreline. Pack a lunch and spend the day remembering what it was like to be outside all day (like mom used to make us!)  Beachcomb on low tide and discover sand dollars, star fish and the thrill of being squirted in the back of the leg by a gooey duck!  Secondly, there is boating.  Quartermaster Harbor is always a few degrees warmer than the outer Sound which makes things like waterskiing, wakeboarding, tubing etc. a great way to spend a sunny summer day. Not up for water?  Try biking!  The island is the perfect place to spend the day riding around and enjoying the beautiful scenery.  On Saturdays, you can come up to the farmer's market in the Villag Green  (downtown area) and browse through local artisans treasures along with some fresh organic fruit & veggies. They also have music & hot food as well. Not up for a full day of exercise?  Try browsing around the downtown core and shopping in some of the unique shops.  Grab lunch or dinner at one of the many restaurants around town. Don't forget to try one of our local wines or beers with your meal (I can attest to how good both are!!)   I haven't even touched on the Strawberry Festival or the fourth of July yet.  I'll save that for another blog.  The bottom line is, winter, spring, summer or fall are all great times to come and explore the many wonderful things you can do on Vashon, summer, just happens to be my favorite.

Posted on May 13, 2013 at 3:48 pm
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